Game analytics provides a large-scale quantitative look into your players’ behaviour – helping development teams understand patterns, disparities and correlations using potentially massive amounts of data.  Analytics provides fast, often real-time action items stemming from player activity in your game.

Player Research know first-hand the value that better data can bring to games teams, but the process of capture, storage and analysis of player data can be a complex, overwhelming, and error-prone affair.

Our world-class Data Scientist, Matthew M. White PhD, helps teams oversee the development of a robust, targeted analytics solution to capture, analyse, and parse player data to best serve game teams’ specific needs. Using any combination of studios’ existing infrastructure and in-house technology, or a completely new system using industry-standard tools, we’re an expert and impartial service for implementing a complete analytics solution, and training you to use it!


For teams with existing analytics data, Matthew brings his experience of advanced data visualisation and exploratory data analysis, working with data they’ve already collected to reveal immediately-actionable insights, and realtime data dashboards.

For those teams wanting to newly-integrate analytics, Matthew works closely with your engineering and design teams to map the perfect ‘hooks’, and guide you through the variety of industry standard tools and technologies to build a tailored solution. Matthew’s experience includes:

•  Python (matplotlib, scipy, numpy, pandas)

•  SQL (Postgres, Redshift, MySQL, etc.)

•  Minitab, SPSS, R or other statistical packages.

•  Tableau, Google Data Studio, and other data visualization tools.

•  Custom in-engine solutions for your title.


Player Research’s collaborative approach ensures Designers’ and Engineers’ analytics need are fully met, including integration of data collection ‘hooks’ carefully throughout your project, and designing complete digital dashboards for your on-going assessment. For deeper dives, we’ll analyse datasets according to your specific title, presenting the findings using heatmaps, bespoke datavis and insight reports. Our analytics services can help you understand and predict how players behave in your game, from onboarding, to monetisation, to long-term retention.

When triangulated with our in-depth playtest studies, analytics can also be used to identify and understand the impact of UX issues with the greater confidence afforded by large scale data. Additional methods, such as ‘Exploratory Data Analysis’ (EDA), allow UX Researchers to gather insights that might be missed by a traditional playtest due to the volume of data collected and the different methods employed.

Why Player Research Analytics?

As with all our external research, Player Research Analytics brings an impartial eye to your project.  We are dedicated to mitigating issues that plague player experience, and our analytics methodologies are no exception.  With Player Research Analytics services, you are guaranteed a professional, unbiased look at issues stymieing your player experience that will be delivered to you in an actionable format.

• Fast, professional, unbiased look at player issues at scale

• Suitable for live products, as well as preproduction

• Reports, visualizations, and outputs tailored to your needs

• Reasonably priced, experienced professional with short lead-in times

• Variety of solutions available for every product

Our expertise in advanced mathematical modelling and segmentation brings mathematical rigour and projections to your UX, balance, sales and monetisation data.


Matthew M. White PhD is our Lead Data Scientist. Formerly of Sony Playstation and DS Volition, Matthew has contributed world-class data science to dozens of games, including AAA, live-ops and hit mobile titles. Matthew’s expertise spans multiple industry-standard analytics platforms and technologies, and advanced data visualisation, tool production and analysis, including 3D heatmapping, automated QA testing, and monetisation projection.

To learn more about our analytics services, please send us an email.