Are players experiencing your game exactly how you’d anticipate? What issues lurk between your expectations and players’ actual experiences?

Player Research are industry-leading playtesting and user research specialists. Our clients employ our understanding of players and our cutting-edge research labs to gather actionable feedback on game usability and the player experience, toward the development of truly successful games.

We ensure players’ experiences are as close as possible to the designers’ vision, helping our clients achieve chart-topping, genre-leading games. Our experience spans all genres, platforms and audiences, and has impacted more than one billion gamers worldwide.

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Every iOS game we’ve contributed to has made the front page of the Apple App Store, and our console and non-mobile games enjoy equal success, including number-one selling and critically-acclaimed titles.

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Our researchers run weekly usability playtests, conduct research focused on actionable results, evaluate games with UX Analysis and implement games analytics. Our research services are each designed in conjunction with game developers to perfectly match their questions and commercial needs, from indie through to AAA games.

Player Research engage from project start to product launch. By building in our services from early stages of development, teams leverage our tools, methods and expertise, developed through years of playtesting and games UX research, to avoid costly usability issues, barriers to monetisation and flaws in the player experience.

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Please use the email link below to contact us.

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